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Adopted March 2019


BEDE     RIP 6/7/2018 16 YEARS

Bedes Rescue Story - PDF VERSION AVAILABLE $10

all profits go to Westie Rescue & Rehoming Tasmania. Contact through this page. 

Bede, a West Highland White Terrier has had 4 previous owners.

Can he learn that love and trust are not lost? 

When Bede is adopted by Ann and her two Burmese cats, his health problems test their new relationship. With love and support from many who follow Bede’s story, he gathers an army of fans who commit to him and to Ann as she nurses him back to health.

Ann proves her love for Bede and finally he courageously succumbs to the realisation that he has, at last, found his home.

Available by visiting.. 

SETH - Westie x Maltese - ADOPTED July 2017

RIP 23/10/2018





Teddy 2 years old was a much loved little man, whose owner realised that she simply couldnt give him the time he craved and build on a busy business too. Teddy was at home alone for long periods of time, and had started displaying behavioural issues including persistant barking and jumping and tearing clothes and was a 100 miles a minute boy. He gave us a work out.. but he was grabbing all the attention he could get all at once.. Regretfully he was surrendered to us by his owner, who had also received some true but nasty notes about his barking from neighbours. 

We found Teddy a new home with a big brother. He now has a very active companion, who is the same age as him, and together they play hard. He doesnt crave attention anymore because he has as much as he wants.

His new owner just adores him, and he has become great therapy for her too. Teddy not only has a new home, he has a new name (he wasnt really responding to Teddy for us so it was an easy adjustment for him) He owner reports that some minor skin issues have cleared up which indicate to us they were stress related, he is responding to firm training and now answers to his new name, and has settled in beautifully

MAISIE  -  ADOPTED! March 2015

Maisie had developed a bossy dominant behaviour towards her westie brother, which was creating health issues for him. Her owner had tried everything she could to deflect her behaviour but sadly realised that Maisie needed a home where she would be the centre of attention, and an only dog.

We found Maisie the perfect home. We now fondly refer to her as Princess Maisie, because that is the lifestyle she is now accustomed to. She is lovingly spoilt and relishes her new position.   

JONTY - ADOPTED! January 2015

A sweet 5 year old boy, was surrendered due to his owners not being able to control his skin allergies. With consistency with his medication and the right diet, we have managed to get his skin problems under control. Our vet is very happy with his progress.

UPDATE: Jonty has a wonderful new home and is one spoilt little man. His new family have welcomed him into their homes after losing their own westie of 17 years. To date we have had no relapses with his skin problems. He regularly visits the beach and goes for long walks in the bush and beach. We are really pleased for him.

Before and After.

Left: When Jonty arrived he was very red, hot skin, and itchy.

Right: Jonty today 5 weeks after his arrival, he has healthy pink skin.

Hello from Jonty

Jonty is enjoying the spoils of our home.

A happy boy....

GEORGIE October 2014 RIP 28/7/2018 (16 YEARS)

A 12 year old female westie, who was surrendered because of behavioural issues. It appears her behaviour was as a result of loneliness. We successfully rehomed her with a great couple and a older westie brother, who all adore her and report they've never experienced the problems described to us. - Georgie lives a spoilt life and is understandably very happy.

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